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Preview BioSample types and attributes

This page provides a preview of the sample attributes that submitters are asked to supply during the submission process. After selecting the relevant Sample type, use the Download button to download the submission template, or the Definition button to review the attribute definitions and formats.

Select the package that best describes your samples:
  • Use for pathogen samples that are relevant to public health. Required attributes include those considered useful for the rapid analysis and trace back of pathogens.

    • Helper template for batch submissions that include both clinical and environmental samples. In the "attribute_package" field, specify either "Pathogen.cl" (for clinical or host-associated pathogen) or "Pathogen.env" (for environmental, food or other pathogen). Note that mandatory attributes are not completely represented in the template at this time, please refer to the clinical and environmental package definitions for requirements.

  • Use for bacteria or other unicellular microbes when it is not appropriate or advantageous to use MIxS, Pathogen or Virus packages.

  • Use for multicellular samples or cell lines derived from common laboratory model organisms, e.g., mouse, rat, Drosophila, worm, fish, frog, or large mammals including zoo and farm animals.

  • Use for metagenomic and environmental samples when it is not appropriate or advantageous to use MIxS packages.

  • Use for any invertebrate sample.

  • WARNING: Only use for human samples or cell lines that have no privacy concerns. For all studies involving human subjects, it is the submitter's responsibility to ensure that the information supplied protects participant privacy in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and institutional policies. Make sure to remove any direct personal identifiers from your submission. If there are patient privacy concerns regarding making data fully public, please submit samples and data to NCBI's dbGaP database. dbGaP has controlled access mechanisms and is an appropriate resource for hosting sensitive patient data.
    For samples isolated from humans use the Pathogen, Microbe or appropriate MIxS package.

  • Use for any plant sample or cell line.

  • Use for all virus samples not directly associated with disease. Viral pathogens should be submitted using the Pathogen: Clinical or host-associated pathogen package.

  • Use for genomes, metagenomes, and marker sequences. These samples include specific attributes that have been defined by the Genome Standards Consortium (GSC) to formally describe and standardize sample metadata for genomes, metagenomes, and marker sequences. The samples are validated for compliance based on the presence of the required core attributes as described in MIxS.

  • Use for beta-lactamase gene transformants that have antibiotic resistance data.